Soho Warriors 2019

This will be the Soho Warriors 9th year!

First of all we would both like to thank you all for your support through 2018, especially to those of you who turn up week in, week out so that we can keep FNL running. 


We'd also like to thank the SWFC locals for their contribution to International Clubhouse during the World Cup, a special mention to Ad's, Tosey, Pete, Danny, Blue, Lew and Kiko for all their hard work throughout the event! It's coming home!


Thanks to Conall for running the team while in the Bankers League and bringing home a trophy!  One season is our limit it seems!


We added 4 new faces towards the end of 2018, Fin, Patrick, Simon and Josh Doherty. Most of you should know Fin and Patrick by now. Simon has just moved back from New York and was a member of CSC and Josh has just started working with us at DENT. We will be looking to get in a few more faces over the next year, any suggestions welcome. 




You will now need to pay via our site HERE


(all current direct debits have been cancelled as of today)



Right, now for a switch up! 2019 will be broken down into 3 seasons, each season will last for 17 weeks with the first starting this Friday 11th January 7PM KO


Season 1. Jan 11th - May 3rd Presentation

Season 2. May 10th - Aug 30th Presentation

Season 3. Sept 6th - Dec 13th Presentation + Xmas Party


Each season will comprise of the following awards. 









*Presentations will be at the Albion and we ask for all players to attend if possible.

*All of the awards will be based on all games not just FNL.

*We'd like to remind everyone to be on time for FNL, please be there 15 minutes before kick off at 7pm.

*KO 7PM - 9PM 



Post FNL has returned to the Albion with a discount on beer, it was and will always be our home! #albs  #cheesetoastie 


We'd like to see more people at the pub this year even if it's just for one 'catch up' pint.


*Presentation evenings will be at the Albion and we would ask for all players to attend.



We plan to have more competitive fixtures this year.

Paris Tournament - June

Vs The Gun - TBC

Vs Swiss Cottage Tuesday - TBC

(please let us know of any possible fixtures)


We have a new kit which will be issued to players based on FNL payment.



We will be launching a collection in collaboration with Chrystie this August, the lookbook will be shot during the spring.


There will be around 8 items, the collaboration with CSC gives you a good example of what to expect.






Just to bring everyone up to speed, here's a brief history of the SOHO WARRIORS.


'10 - Started out in 2010 with the idea of becoming the first creative football club in the UK.

'12 - The Soho Warriors held their first group show at Pick Me Up London 2012

'12 - SWFC host Chinatown Soccer Club for their 10th Anniversary during 2012 - Match/Exhibition

'13 - SWFC travel to New York to play in the first Chinatown Invitational 2013 and lift the trophy

'14 - SWFC travel to New York to play in the second Chinatown Invitational 2014 and lift the trophy

'14 - SWFC World Cup show at Kemistry gallery

'14 - Come Third at Berlin adidas Fanatic 2014

'14 - SWFC hold the first adidas Club Cup 2014 and lift trophy

'15 - SWFC hold first London adidas Fanatic 2015 and lift trophy (B TEAM)

'15 - SWFC head to Underground FC Tournament in Paris 2015 and lost their heads!

'16 - SWFC hold adidas FANATIC London 2016 

'17 - SWFC head to New York for 3rd Chinatown Invitational x Stone Island 2017 coming second

'18 - SWFC head to Paris for the first Le Petit Cup 2018 against Le Ballon at Red Star and win.

'18 - Held International Clubhouse World Cup 2018 show with Avery Denison



Anyone who wants to get more involved with the team or has an idea for a project just give us a shout. This could be an event / exhibition / film / Champions League screening etc... As always we are open to all ideas!